BB150 Ku-Band

We have more than 25 years of experience and expertise in design and manufacturing stabilized satellite antennas with excellent performance in radio frequency and tracking capabilities, mainly for professional and recreational maritime use, for land mobile hi-end, military and law enforcement.

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BB150 Ku-Band

The BB150 Ku-Band is the last updated product of Skytechfor the heavy duty professional worldwide market.

This is the largest model in the BBxx product range, designed for wide coverage Ku-band beams, high-reliability and high-bandwidth applications such as cruise ships, live video streaming from heavy-duty Oil&Gas Offshore Operation Support Vessels (OSV). It allows uninterrupted operation up to polar regions or marginal coverage areas.

Based on the field-proven technology of the BB100 MKIII, the parabolic dish and the feed have been designed using state-of-the-art computer simulation software used in aero-space missions.

The lightweight construction gives exceptional tracking agility, reduced stress on belts and motors for maximum operational life and minimum maintenance.

This is the first antenna in the world to include all electronics into the radome, without any additional parts inside the boat.

Thanks to a powerful embedded antenna controller (ARCU), the configuration interface is entirely web-based, and can be accessed locally or remotely through the satellite link or other backup connections. The ARCU also collects alarms and diagnostic information to a central server.

Extensive diagnostics of a single antenna or the entire fleet is available via an intuitive web-based server that collects real-time and historical performance information from all ships.

The antenna is fully OpenAMIP certified and can operate Automatic Beam Switching to select the correct satellite according to the geographic and coverage areas.

Dual-antenna configuration is fully supported, using the additional RF intelligent switchbox or via IP auto-router switchbox.

The antenna can be equipped with different BUC types according to the required band-width and link budget.

The innovative radome can be split in 3 parts for easy shipping and reassembly onboard.

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