BB75 Ku-Band

We have more than 25 years of experience and expertise in design and manufacturing stabilized satellite antennas with excellent performance in radio frequency and tracking capabilities, mainly for professional and recreational maritime use, for land mobile hi-end, military and law enforcement.

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The new BB75KU is the first sub-meter VSAT antenna with integrated electronics and modem.
Rugged and lightweight, it is ready for today’s Ku-band regional coverage satellites and for tomorrow’s High Throughput Satellites with multi-spot beam technology and multi-megabit speeds.
No external components means less-than-an-hour installation. It is ideally suited for yachts and charters that require quick relocation of the antenna during the year. Similar to its larger companion models, it is already applied with great success in demanding Oil&Gas operations.


The compact 75 cm carbon-fiber dish is treated with a tuned multi layer composite structure, which vastly improve its RF efficiency. The dish is mounted over a 3-axis chassis 100% made with aeronautical grade aluminum. Different BUC configurations allow maximum flexibility for different technologies and coverage areas, minimizing RF losses.
The tracking is managed by state-of-the-art software and high-precision inertial sensors that exclude the need for an external gyro. Small size and reduced weight means superior agility and tracking performance in any weather and sea conditions, compared to larger and heavier antennas.
An innovative “super-tuned” dome was specifically designed to reduce losses in in yacht mounting environment.


The mechanics guarantee a wide working range, with -20/+100 degrees in elevation and +/-30 degrees in roll to allow uninterrupted operation at northern latitudes and/or in rough sea.
Structural and vibration analysis inherited from Oil & Gas and Military operations was employed to guarantee maximum stiffness of the structure.
All electronic components, including the antenna controller unit (ACU), the Ku-band satellite modems and the routing logic are embedded inside the dome, allowing for a simple and hassle-free installation: a single technician in less than an hour thanks to reduced weight, compact design and the need to connect two cables only (Ethernet and power).


Special care in the use of multi-spot beam HTS was embedded in the software design.
Pre-loaded coverage maps and signal fading prediction allow for smooth transitions between spot beams and satellites to achieve optimum availability.
The antenna is fully compliant with OpenAMIP protocol for iDirect networks, and compatible with most major modem manufacturers.


IEC60945 compliance for EMI, Climatic and Vibration requirements means that the antenna is qualified for professional maritime equipment applications like Oil & Gas operation vessels.
The antenna can be managed and updated locally or remotely by the same software run by Skytech for all other antenna series, making it fully supported by the Skytech Service Centre throughout its life, within single or fleet diagnostics with an intuitive web-based server, gathering real-time and historical performance information from all ships.

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