BBFlat Ku-Band

We have more than 25 years of experience and expertise in design and manufacturing stabilized satellite antennas with excellent performance in radio frequency and tracking capabilities, mainly for professional and recreational maritime use, for land mobile hi-end, military and law enforcement.

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BBFlat Ku-Band

This is the first one flat antenna all around the world that integrates the Phased Array technology with the multi-beam one and a dynamic tracking system extremely accurate and fast.

The result is an antenna very flat and light (around 15 Kg) with an EIRP gain while transmission of 39.51 dBW and with an optimum G/T of 13.5 dB/°K @ 12GHz @ 30° elevation.

Compared to all the others antennae of this same type available on the market, at an equal radiant surface, this Project does have a 35% higher efficiency, weighing less than 50%, and has no problem of accumulation of heat inside transmission modules.

The project is sizable, therefore based on the gain that is required, using always and exactly the same technique, it is possible to realize antennae even in Ku band for mobile use of different size (different diameter) for any kind of satellite net and operative conditions.

The Project does develop a surface of one meter diameter, that contains the TX and RX antennae, the transmission and receiving electronic and the tracking one. The whole antenna is manufactured with extremely light and robust materials: carbon fiber, Teflon, AVIO aluminum and Titan.

Particular attention was paid to tracking algorithms that work, for what is concerning the azimuth pointing, through mechanical actuation and for what is concerning the elevation and the skew, totally through the electronic actuation. This combination solves and simplifies complex systems of tracking that plague the pure phased array which makes them of limited use in mobile consumer.

In cooperation with RF microtech Srl Italy

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