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BB75Ka T7

today a unique on-board interface for hardware and services: Skytech is pleased to announce the new reseller service of Telenor bandwitdh

Up to 20 MBit Downlink
Up to 3 MBit Uplink
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the first satellite communications system in the extended Ka-band range capable of operating in Ka-Civil band and Ka institutional/governmental band

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Increasing the maturity level of key satellite communication technologies

Skytech is partner of ambitious project funded by the European Community in the framework of Horizon 2020. Discover more

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BB30 Dual Band

Up to 200 MBps/Plane
Global Coverage
No Loss of User Session
Global Compatibility
Low Profile

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Ultra Small "USAT" Antenna

Up to 20 MBit Downlink
Up to 2 MBit Uplink
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