VFlat Ku/Ka Dual-Band Phased Array

We have more than 25 years of experience and expertise in design and manufacturing stabilized satellite antennas with excellent performance in radio frequency and tracking capabilities, mainly for professional and recreational maritime use, for land mobile hi-end, military and law enforcement.


The VFlat Ku/Ka Dual Band Phased Array Antenna
for satellite broadband internet.
What everyone thought impossible, finally combined

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Ku and Ka VSAT bands are finally combined into one single high-performing integrated antenna, compounding two universes for higher speed and better coverage.
The low profile, superior tracking and high agility make this antenna ideal for fast patrol boats or vehicles, and allow for hidden installations inside custom roll bars. An invisible antenna can replace bulky and visible domes.
The best-in-class flat panel phased array technologies are combined into a single chassis with two independent, mechanically steered panels.
This elegant solution is cost effective, has no gain losses for any elevation angle and latitude, and is ready for present and future KU/KA-band High Throughput Satellites.
Engineered with the same reliability and rugged design of our BBx VSAT product line, it benefits from a reliable switching technology, allowing quick and automated commuting among available satellites globally. An intuitive screen app manages network preferences, coverage areas and security features.


The big challenges and drawbacks of phased array antennas like high heat dissipation, narrow working bands, poor efficiency at low elevation angles, expensive beam steering technology, all of them have been addressed and solved by our engineers using two independent, mechanically steered single-band panels. Hundreds of hours of computer simulation and tight-tolerance machining led to this outstanding achievement.
The antenna is equipped with two independent RF panels for the Ku and Ka band sharing the same chassis and elevation gearbox. According to the selected band, the antenna exposes the required panel to the satellite.
DOME – An innovative “Super-tuned” radome was designed specifically to reduce losses and depolarization effects in Ka band, through research in new materials and computer simulation.
STEALTH – The low profile of the antenna allows for hidden installations in special roll bars with a RF transparent top layer. This means that fast patrol boats can get rid of bulky and visible domes.


MECHANICS – The solution of mechanically steered panels allows a wide working range with 0/90 degrees elevation and unlimited azimuth through a slip-ring/rotary joint. There is no gain loss at northern latitudes and/or in rough sea. Structural and vibration analysis was employed to guarantee maximum stiffness to the structure for the most demanding Oil&Gas or military operations.
ELECTRONICS – All the electronic components, including the antenna controller unit (ACU), the KU and KA band satellite modems, and the routing logic are embedded inside the radome. This allows for a simple and hassle-free installation: only power and Ethernet cables are necessary.
The antenna is delivered pre-activated and Internet-ready; also, because of the reduced weight, it can be installed by a single technician in less than an hour.


Special care in the use of multi-spotbeam HTS was embedded in the software design of the dual band flat panel antenna. Pre-loaded coverage maps and signal fading prediction allow for smooth transition between spotbeams and bands to achieve optimum availability. The antenna controller and embedded router take care of switching user traffic between bands, beams, and satellites.


IEC60945 compliance for EMI, Climatic and Vibration requirements means that the antenna is qualified for professional maritime equipment applications like Oil & Gas operation vessels.
The antenna can be managed and updated locally or remotely by the same software run by Skytech for all other antenna series, making it fully supported by the Skytech Service Centre throughout its life, within a single or fleet diagnostics with intuitive web-based server, gathering real-time and historical performance information from all ships.

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